Лариса Куклина 1win 

28-year-old athlete from Russia Larisa Kuklina made her debut at the World Cup last season, where she was able to win a prize together with the team. But with her personal results, not everything is so smooth.

We also found such experts who reproached Larisa for being too active in maintaining her social networks. This was especially noticeable at the American Championships, where Larisa was ill, but continued to be active in social networks.social networks, regularly recording stories and posting posts.Kuklin was showered with a lot of messages in social networks.networks with claims and accusations. We must pay tribute to the athlete, at a time when other athletes simply exploded from the same messages, she simply ignored them.And yet, about the main thing...How did she manage to achieve such success?Larisa is a fighter and goes to a clearly defined goal, no matter what. She did a great job this season and it gave such a great result.


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