Why do I need a bookmaker's mirror?

Mirrors - alternative access to bookmaker sites.

Since 2014, the Russian government has stepped up its fight against gambling, including bookmakers. As a result of these events, the bookmaker market by 2016 was divided into two parts - legal and illegal bookmakers. Let's take a look at how one differs from the other.

Legal bookmakers are companies that have received an SRO license, are registered with the Federal Tax Service of Russia, that have joined the Centralized Directorate of the Investigation of Counsel and Naturally, that are subject to taxation by the Russian Federation. Not every company was willing to shoulder such a heavy burden. In view of this, there are quite a few legal bookmakers on the territory of the India.

The disadvantage of participating in these companies for the players is an additional step-by-step identity verification and the need to pay tax on winnings (13%), which, accordingly, does not delight the bookmaker's clients.
Illegal (offshore) betting companies are bookmakers that have not received a Indian license, but have licenses for offshore zones, such as Malta (Malta Gaming Authority), Curacao, Fr. Maine (England), Canada (Kahnawake Gaming Commission) and many others. These licenses have legal legal status and are valid almost all over the world. It is on the basis of such a license (Curacao) that BC 1 WIN operates.

Popular foreign bookmakers are gradually leaving the Indian market, as it becomes very problematic to carry out legal activities in today's conditions. They are being replaced by young, fast-growing Indian companies, flexibly adapting to today's conditions. THE POSITIVE OF CHOOSING SUCH COMPANIES IS THE LACK OF NECESSITY TO PAY TAX ON WINNINGS, which of course is decisive when choosing a bookmaker.

Mirrors are needed to navigate to sites of illegal bookmakers in Russia, the sites of which are blocked by Roskomnadzor. A mirror is the same site (backup copy), with the same access, the same set of functionality, odds, lines, as the official site of the bookmaker of your choice, but hosted on a separate domain. When entering through the mirror, the player has a username, password and game account. There is essentially no difference for the client. The mirrors are periodically refreshed as they are blocked, with complete preservation of the client database. In this sense, there is no cause for concern. Going to the site through the mirror, the client will not see any difference for himself.

Benefits of mirrors:

There are many ways to bypass blocking such as VPN or PROXY. But mirrors, as additional domains, have a number of advantages over the above methods.

  • The client only needs an up-to-date address to go to the site
  • Instant access to a resource, as opposed to downloading through a VPN or proxy.
  • No additional software installation required
  • Quick access to the desired resource. Going to the address is standard.
  • Relevance and guaranteed regularity of mirror updates.
  • Lack of any intermediary services.
  • The presence of a support service.

The most important information for the player - you are greeted by the official website of the bookmaker of your choice, only by another domain link.
Good luck and winning bets!

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