In betting, you can not bet on all games in a row, even if you make them on a certain sport or a specific tournament. There are games that are very convenient for betting, but there are also many matches where it is more difficult to determine the result and the chance of passing the bet decreases. It is the new players who make mistakes and make their bets on everything, which causes them to lose the bankroll. Today we will consider which matches in which disciplines are better to avoid.

Playing a favorite in football is one of the main strategies in live betting.

The essence of this bet is that bets are made on F (0) of the favorite who conceded the first / early ball. In this case, he will make every effort to take revenge and recoup. During this period, quotes for such a rate grow quite well from 1.5 to 5.0, and this is very interesting for a bettor. The passability of the bet is influenced by several factors, including the characteristics of both teams, how strong is the advantage of one over the other. If the leader team quickly took revenge, cancel the bet.

What to look for?

  • Motivation. Determine how important this match is for the teams. Perhaps they are preparing for a more serious confrontation and this meeting is not decisive for them. Pay attention to these points.

There are no secrets, there are patterns plus a competent and thorough analysis.

Experience and daily work will lead you to good luck.

Anti-skew betting 

What is a skew and how to determine it? It is not hard. Pay attention to the performance of the match. For example, in the NBA, she just scales. This indicates that bookmakers, when setting quotes for total matches, underestimate them on TB, overestimating TM. This makes sense for the bookmaker, there is a reason: they understand that many will bet on TB, and since this option is often passable, it is not profitable for the bettor to win. Therefore, they reduce the odds for the probable total, and set the total above the average. Sometimes the bookmaker goes too far, and this skew in the line is clearly visible, which should be used by the bettor.

Is it possible to make money with 1win Virtual games are gaining popularity all over the world today and football is no exception. This is a simulation game based on real parameters. Many people think that this is not very different from slot machines, since the result is still determined by artificial intelligence, but there are still some differences.

Sports betting is interesting and profitable. The main thing is to make the right choice of a bookmaker!


  • Do not place your bets at little-known unofficial offices. In such bookmakers - "one-day" there is a big risk of losing all your money.
  • Do not be fooled by inflated ratios and guarantees-promises.
  • Learn the betting rules and terminology. This is the key to your success.
  • Follow sports news. Whoever is informed is armed. Timely information received can change the predictions and become a guarantor of your winnings. Weed out fake news that provoke you to make a wrong prediction.
  • Determine your bank limit. Place bets on amounts within your reach. Don't play all-in.
  • Listen to expert opinion, but don't blindly trust it.
  • bet on what interests you. In this case, in addition to winning, you will also get pleasure from the game.

Sports betting is an art!
With 1 WIN you can do it!


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