In betting, you can not bet on all games in a row, even if you make them on a certain sport or a specific tournament. There are games that are very convenient for betting, but there are also many matches where it is more difficult to determine the result and the chance of passing the bet decreases. It is the new players who make mistakes and make their bets on everything, which causes them to lose the bankroll. Today we will consider which matches in which disciplines are better to avoid.

How does the playground affect the hockey game and the betting process?  1win It has been repeatedly noted that there is a noticeable difference between hockey players in Europe and North America. One of the major differences is the site. Since in the NHL, games are held on small grounds.
It seems that the difference in width is only 4 meters, but it seems significant. In addition, not so long ago we learned that the KHL is also moving to small sites. Today we'll look at how the size of the site affects the betting process.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson.  Who will win? 

The fight between Khabib and Tony was supposed to take place at least 5 times. But every time they could  not meet in the cage, injuries follow the athletes in turn.
But at the end of 2019, our Eagle and Tony again signed a contract to conduct the fight.

Bolshunov was stepped on lizhi 1win 

In the Swedish Eagle, our Alexander Bolshunov was not lucky, he could not reach the final. And this is due to the fact that the Norwegian skier  Simen Kruger ran into his skis, which provoked a hard fall. After the race, Kruger apologized for this act, but whether he was  sincere is unclear .
Bolshunov also expressed his opinion.

CSKA versus Dynamo!

Today, on December 25, the capital's CSKA and Dynamo will meet in the framework of the KHL regular championship. What kind of passion does this derby promise us? Let's analyze the situation together with experts 1 WIN.

Both teams are currently the favorites of the tournament. 

Note that 4 matches in a row CSKA have won victories over Dynamo, but with a clear margin: both meetings this season ended with their victories with similar results 2: 1. We follow the development of events.

Лариса Куклина 1win 

28-year-old athlete from Russia Larisa Kuklina made her debut at the World Cup last season, where she was able to win a prize together with the team. But with her personal results, not everything is so smooth.

We also found such experts who reproached Larisa for being too active in maintaining her social networks. This was especially noticeable at the American Championships, where Larisa was ill, but continued to be active in social networks, regularly recording stories and posting posts.Kuklin was showered with a lot of messages in social networks.networks with claims and accusations. We must pay tribute to the athlete, at a time when other athletes simply exploded from the same messages, she simply ignored them.And yet, about the main thing...How did she manage to achieve such success?Larisa is a fighter and goes to a clearly defined goal, no matter what. She did a great job this season and it gave such a great result.

Алина загитова трамва 

It seems that Alina Zagitova, if not a black streak, then a series of problems for sure.The former champion took only the 6th place in the Grand Prix in Turin. Initially, Zagitova claimed silver, but she failed the free program. An unsuccessful fall from a double axel and, as a result, an injury. Now it looks like Aline will miss the demonstration performances in Italy.The figure skater said that she was very sorry, but she would have to do it. The jump was very unsuccessful and further performance is impossible. Alina apologized to the fans and thanked everyone for their support.

«Динамо» — Волейболистки 

The beginning of the Moscow “Dynamo " was not set. They somehow managed to lose a couple of matches in a row in the Super League, after which everything finally went uphill for the white and blue. They have already won 3 matches in a row, and with a fairly good margin. That's what understanding and mutual understanding mean.

сборная россии по фигурному катанию 1win 

Oddly enough, this year our country is again being expelled from figure skating competitions. This is due to the fact that the WADA Anti - Doping Committee has again banned the display of the symbols of the Russian Federation. This is not the first time that history repeats itself, last year at the Summer Olympic Games our flag was already banned, athletes competed under a neutral white flag. Of course, it is unpleasant that instead of a fair fight, we see a frank suing of our athletes. The guys, at least, do not deserve this

Conor spent 2 whole days in Russia. During this time, he managed to visit Urgant at the show, to teach him the "signature walk", from which Urgant almost fell on his back. Then he managed to hold a couple of press conferences, during which he discussed a couple of important points. After talking with the Dagestanis, I almost got a bottle on the head (it would be interesting to see this). And finally, he invited Khabib to come to the show too to compete who would look like a big clown.
Conor at Urgant 1win official website 


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