Kuklina is the leader of Russia in biathlon

Larisa Kuklina 1win

28-year-old sportswoman from Russia Larisa Kuklina made her debut at the World Cup last season, where she was able to take a prize place with her team. But with her personal results, not everything is so smooth.

We also found such experts who reproached Larisa for being too active in her social networks. This was especially noticeable at the American Championships, where Larisa was sick, but she continued to be active in social networks, regularly recording stories and posting.
Kuklin received a lot of messages on social networks with claims and accusations. We must pay tribute to the athlete, while other athletes simply exploded from the same messages, she simply ignored them.
And yet, about the main thing ... How could she achieve such success?
Larisa is a fighter and goes to a clearly defined goal, no matter what. She did a great job this season and it gave such a great result.
At the qualifying round in Tyumen, she showed herself quite well. As she herself said: “I feel great. I had to train hard and it paid off: I improved my skiing quite well and go on. ” 

Although she ran seventh in the relay, this is a very good result for her.
But in the individual race, everything is much better. She was able to come running fifth. If luck turned to her and she did not go for two additional circles, then Larissa could clearly claim a prize.

The coaches made a choice in favor of  Kuklina.

At the World Cup  Kuklina will run the last stage, although Ekaterina Yurlova always ran the fourth stage. Let's hope that the coaches made their choice correctly and Larisa won't let us down. She was chosen according to the results of the last qualifying races, where she showed excellent results, becoming the strongest  biathlete in the country.

“We took into account many factors when choosing athletes. But according to the unanimous opinion of all, it was Larisa Kuklina who surpassed  . She ran well the last finishing lap, showing that she can run perfectly even when the weather changes. She also just perfectly withstands long distances, when others are already exhausted. And she has excellent quality not to fizzle out after long distances and she can calmly stand and shoot straight at the target. ”

It looks like we have finally reached the perfect balance in the team relay. Each athlete from this list has its own flavor: Tamara Voronina, Svetlana Mironova, Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht and Larisa  Kuklina . We believe that they will fight for the medal no matter what

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