Zagitova's failure and the athlete's injury

Alina zagitova tram
It looks like Alina Zagitova has, if not a black streak, then a series of problems for sure.
The former champion took only 6th place in the Grand Prix in Turin. Initially, Zagitova claimed silver, but failed the free program. An unsuccessful fall from a double  axel and, as a result, injury. Now it looks like Aline will miss the demonstration performances in Italy.
The skater said that she was very sorry, but she would have to do it. The jump was very unsuccessful and  further performance is impossible. Alina apologized to the fans and thanked everyone for their support.
The injury is not critical, it's just a sprain, but the team's coach and doctor decided to refuse to perform. To avoid complications.
It should be noted that Zagitova's program did not work out from the start. First, a breakdown of her crown cascade of jumps, then a fall from an  axel . It seems that this broke the unbending athlete, since she also did not tighten further jumps.
Alina has never had such bad results: the worst points are 125 in the free program and 205 in the sum of the two programs. It is clear that she did not have a chance for a prize. She took the last place in the final, allowing even American Brady Tennell to overtake herself  , who miraculously got to Turin.

Sport is unpredictable and cruel. Known truth. This is how Ilya Averbukh put it about this incident. But we believe in Alina, the audience and fans love her very much, and we will definitely see her on the podium again.
Zagitova could not hold back her tears despite the support of the stands and numerous gifts. After the announcement of the ratings, she immediately left, declining to comment. The coaching staff also met the results in a depressed state.
The strangest thing is that nothing foreshadowed such an outcome. Alina is in excellent physical shape, she skated excellently in the short program and confidently went to the prize-winning place. She herself stated that she had finally caught the courage and had enough adrenaline to show her program perfectly.
Commentators after the incident immediately recalled Zagitova's words spoken the day before. Alina then announced that she had already received all the sports titles and that this was not her goal now. Now I will perform for pleasure  -said Zagitova, and now many in these words saw some other meaning after what happened.
Objectively speaking, Alina is much inferior in technique to her colleagues in the national team  - Alexandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova, who have been spinning the 4th jumps for a long time. The same Alena  Kostornaya and Elizaveta  Tuktamysheva show a triple axel. Zagitova   is lagging behind for a long time in this regard. So perhaps this is not an accident, but a pattern.
Alina Zagitova will be able to continue? 
Alina flatly refused to study ultra-si. “This season - definitely not,” she said in an interview with Olympic Channel. "To learn quads, I first need to lose a couple of kilograms."
Yes, Zagitova is inferior in technical qualities, but she takes high scores because of the purity of performing clement . She can also claim a prize place. There were also rumors about the end of his career. Olympic champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov

also spoke about this  . He said that she must go to her goal no matter what. After all, everyone has failures and failures. And he mentioned something else about the four sheepskin coats that Alina cannot do. Alena Leonova also left her  commentsRight now, Alina is going through a difficult situation, and I will forgive you not to interfere with her. This decision will be hers, parents and coaches ”  

“She has every right to end her career, because she won all the awards that can be. And if she wants to stay, then she needs to skate and skate, ”added Leonova.
Alina is now having a difficult period in her life. She simply does not keep up with competitors. Plus her body grows and grows, this is also not an insignificant factor. And if you look at the injury, then you can't say whether she will perform in the Czech Republic or not. Time will tell. Good luck with 1win!

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