Football. Start of the Russian Championship.

Most bettors play, win or lose at traditional rates. Many expectations have come true, some are rejoicing, some are disappointed, and this is normal. Today we invite you to consider atypical, but interesting RPL bets.

Dismissal of a club coach before the end of the year (K = 1.27) 

Many bookmakers have such a rate. Indeed, in fact, the risk of dismissal of the head coach is quite high. On average, the probability of this event is estimated at about 85%. Bookmaker 1 WIN also accepts a similar bet until the end of the new year with a coefficient of 2.45, a bet on the reverse outcome - with k = 1.45. How to predict such an outcome. We are watching tournaments, where 3-4 rounds are already behind, and the teams have big problems. Not a single victory in all rounds, and it is this fact that predisposes to predicting the above rate. 

Dzagoev's injury will prevent him from playing until the end of the year (k = 1.45) 

An exclusive bet option, but quite likely. Why exactly Dzagoev ?. This CSKA midfielder is constantly injured, and this has already been noted by many bookmakers. Alan practically does not play a single season fully. Another “traumatic” player is Abel Hernandez from CSKA. Although he showed an excellent game last season, scoring 8 goals in 10 rounds, he spent a significant part of his time offside due to injuries. Bookmaker bets on this player to skip the game odds - 2.40. 

Postponement of the fight to the next year (k = 1.60)

In the list of each bookmaker there are options for the outcome of postponing any meeting to the next year. Delays happen quite often and there are many reasons for this: the weather, games in other tournaments, etc. Quotes for such an outcome are within 2.30. 

RPL match will be at Luzhniki Arena (2.45) 

Everyone knows that Luzhniki is the home arena for our national team, large and modern. Many meetings of our clubs take place in other arenas, not a single team constantly plays on the home field. But the variant of such an organization of the match is quite high and they usually make bets on it with an increase of at least two times.

The ball will arrive at Dynamo's goal in the championship from Alexander Tashaev (k = 3.30)

Tashaev's transfer did not allow everyone to calm down for a long time. His transfer from Dynamo to Spartak was quite scandalous. Bookmakers, taking advantage of the situation, offer to put Tashaev on a goal in the direction of their former goal. 

Which of the players will resume their careers before the end of the year (k = 10.00)

The bet is that footballers who have retired, such as Ignashevich or the Berezutsky brothers, will resume their careers. It is not clear what this opinion of the bookmakers is based on, but such bets exist. It is your right to consider these options. 

All prizes will be taken by the Moscow teams (33.00) 

Bookmakers offer such an outcome to bettors. The bet that the entire pedestal will be ours, in fact, is not so incredible. As we remember, this happened recently - Lokomotiv, CSKA and Spartak took all the prizes, but the chance that this will happen again is not so high. 


As you can see, there are quite a few exclusive rates. Whether it is worth making such bets is up to you. They have quite attractive odds and in the case of a bet passing, the winnings can, of course, be very significant.

We wish you the best of luck with 1 WIN and high odds.

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