ESL CS Championship:GO Katowice 2019

1WIN: ESL CS: GO Championship Katowice 2019

1WIN: Liquid Favorite of this tournament?

For Team Liquid, if they win, this victory will be the 4th. Keep in mind that if they win this tournament, they will receive an additional $ 1M from the intel Grand Slam. The Australles team needed 9 matches, of which they won 5, to receive this prize. Note that now Likved is simply in excellent shape and they will go to their victory.
Winning this tournament will secure the nickname nitr0, the status of the best player in 2019 and his team too. If you remember how many times nitro pulled his team out of losing situations, then this is quite reasonable. But Liquid's competitors also have a sense to fight. For 2nd place they will receive $ 100k
Liquid has other contenders for victory. It would seem that one of the strongest teams in the history of MIBR, Fnatic and NiP. But these teams are not having the best times right now. Pay attention to the ENCE and Vitality teams. Recently, they have made a big step forward and now they are just determined to win. It would seem that only at the last ESL they hardly made it to the semifinals, but here they have such grandiose goals. At the moment, ENCE is showing better results than last year. But this is not enough, because they lost to Vitality and Liqued. Vitality has a slightly better situation - Last year they won Liqued and cs-mast. Is it possible that the same team is returning, which previously left no one a chance and won absolutely everyone? The main star is 18-year-old Mathieu ZywOo, collecting one by one MVP like Sasha S1mple used to be.


FaZe is also experiencing its hard times. After an unfortunate defeat at the previous ESL tournament, trust among the players is slowly running out of him. And therefore he is simply obliged to take this tournament into his own hands.
LUCAS1 is in the same situation Lucas Teles: For KaBum, he was loaned from Luminosty and got a chance to gain a foothold in the squad. In order to do this, they should beat at least Fanatic or Liqued. But as we know, these chances are not so great, since these teams are considered to be among the strongest in the world. But the sensation of this year was the entry of NiP Nicholas Gonzalez into Team Ancient. He got into this team right before the championship. Nicholas himself is 17 years old, of pure Spanish descent and he is one of the youngest players in this ESL.

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