The role of news in betting

News friends and news enemies. What is the difference? The difference is that any information can be both reliable and unreliable, or partially true. Truthful, timely information can prompt you to make the right decision, help you make the right bet, and lead you to great success.
But it can also be exactly the opposite. Fabricated news, shot in the yellow press, simply inaccurate information that misleads you can lead you to change your original decision. The consequence of this can be a major loss. Not every information resource can be blindly trusted.
Make it a rule:

  • Do not make hasty and rash decisions.
  • Always double-check the information received from other sources.
  • Do not succumb to panicky rumors or, conversely, enthusiastic emotions, not supported by reliable facts.
  • Analyze information sources correctly.


  1. Information about fixed matches. Yes, they exist, unfortunately. But only a narrow circle of selected people knows about games with a fixed result and it is not in their interests to leak this information to anyone. So when someone whispers a “secret” drain in your ear online, don't take it seriously. This can cause you to lose. There are many different forums, chats, groups on the Internet where I administer such experts and sell or, out of the kindness of my heart, give such “valuable” information. They make their first commercial offer for free, the subsequent ones you have to buy. In fact, this information has no value.
  2. Information about injuries of players. For some reason, it is this information that sows the greatest panic among the players, followed by a change in decision. The stereotype works. If there is no favorite player, there will be a loss. In fact, the command staff is built in such a way that every player is provided with a full replacement. And those who sit on the benches often rush into battle worse than the eminent favorites. This is their chance to prove themselves, to get their status. Often, it is during replacements that new stars are shot. This is a huge motivation for the substitutes. Therefore, the change of player as a result of injury should not greatly disorient you to change the decision. We would not advise you to rush to place bets on opposite teams in such cases.
  3. Information about the change of the coaching staff. The king is dead, long live the king. In fact, it is important here to analyze which one “died”, which one came. Perhaps the results of the team do not satisfy the management of the club and the change of the coach is justified. Perhaps a stronger and more status trainer has come and this will be an additional bonus in favor of your choice, and not a reason to change the previous decision. Interesting results should be expected from such castling. But if for some reason a strong coach leaves the team, then you can think about it ...


Experienced bettors always take factors such as weather into account when analyzing news.

  1. Weather forecast. This is precisely the factor that can significantly change all forecasts. If in such sports as volleyball, basketball, MMA this point can be ignored, then in football this aspect can become decisive. For example, in pouring rain and slippery fields, the skill of the players can be leveled to a minimum. Headwind in the face, heat, fog, snow and other natural troubles can disarm players who are not accustomed to such conditions. The weather conditions familiar to the players of foggy Albion can be disastrous for any African team. And all this must, of course, be taken into account when forecasting. Although forecasting the weather is no less difficult than forecasting the rates.
  2. Motivation. Emotional attitudes, as well as depressive moods, have a huge impact on the performance of the team, and this has long been known. Therefore, experienced bettors monitor not only the good physical shape of the players, but also their emotional mood. Significant events in their lives, such as team victories, the club's birthday, the coach's anniversary, the birth of a child for a team member, all this has a positive impact on the overall team spirit and increases the motivation of the team as a whole.

We tried to explain to you the main points to be guided by when analyzing and collecting information. Keep track of bets and odds with 1WIN

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