How does the site affect the hockey match and the betting process?

How does the playground affect the hockey game and the betting process?  1win
It has been repeatedly noted that there is a noticeable difference between hockey players in Europe and North America. One of the major differences is the site. Since in the NHL, games are held on small grounds.
It seems that the difference in width is only 4 meters, but it seems significant. In addition, not so long ago we learned that the KHL is also moving to small sites. Today we are going to take a look at how the size of the site affects the betting process.
Types of hockey rinks
Now the following types of rinks can be noted:
European - it is on it that almost all the clubs of the Continental Hockey League play. The width of the site is thirty meters.
Finnish - used during the Championship in Finland. The width of the site is twenty-eight meters.
Canadian - its width is twenty-six meters, with a length of sixty meters.
Rumor has it that in the near future all world-class Championships will be held on the Canadian site.
And from next season, all KHL matches on small venues will acquire their own characteristics, similar to those of the NHL. Already now, the following features can be noted.
High performance
In the KHL 6 teams play on a small court and it is they who show high performance and are the leaders in goals scored in matches. This happens because when the area is limited, the teams quickly enter the area and move on to throws.
Please note that in such matches you can safely play on breaking the total.
This season, among these six clubs, the performance is not the best only for Amur and Sochi, as there are not enough performers in the roster.
The number of shots into the goal increases.
When the field is large, the teams flirt with pucks, they produce various combinations, which does not allow making a small Canadian field, because two hockey players can stand in the way at once. That is why athletes prefer to immediately throw into the goal.
Please note that if you are going to bet on a team that can make more throws into the opponent's goal, then be sure to study the statistics of won folds. It is the great dumpers who help pick up the puck and throw it into the net. We recommend that you leave your choice to those who have good center players with a performance above sixty percent.
The number of penalties is growing
Matches on the Canadian court are more primitive, because the size does not allow playing schemes. As soon as the puck hits the attacker, several defensive players immediately try to knock him down, which often leads to deletions due to power tricks.
It is in matches on such sites that more than ten penalty minutes are obtained due to frequent collisions. After all, it is very difficult to defend accurately, due to the lack of a playing space.
Majority plays a huge role
On a small court, you can arrange the players so that it becomes very difficult for those who are in the minority to hold back the defense.
By the way, in live bets you can choose an abandoned puck in the majority, since a small area increases the chance of a goal.
Also note that Canadian courts allow betting on a throw from the blue line.
Shootouts more often than a goal in overtime
If the match has reached overtime, you can bet on low total and shootouts. The peculiarity is that it is very difficult to play three on three on a large court. A small area simplifies the task of defense.
The puck is thrown in the majority
On small courts it is easier to break through the defense of the minority, so this bet often takes place and precisely at the beginning of the match. Because at the very beginning there is a struggle, due to which it is difficult to simply abandon, but it is very easy to remain in the minority.
If you like risk, then you can play on the fact that the puck will be scored during a five-on-four game, there will be a high odds here, but this rarely happens on the Canadian court.
High chance of being outnumbered
Small areas allow you to throw in both the minority and the majority. When a team owns the puck in a small area, a bad bounce can make a difference. In this case, there is a risk that the minority player will be face to face with the goalkeeper and score the puck.
Certainly, the transition to small sites will radically change the styles of many teams, but the effectiveness will definitely grow. Finding the team in the majority and the minority will play a huge role. Now, before making a bet, you first need to look at which site the game is being played on, good luck with 1win!

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