The strategy of betting on the lower total

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Betting on the lower total is not such a popular strategy, but theoretically it has great prospects. Simplicity and accessibility are its main advantages. Bets are made on popular markets and without unnecessary complex calculations.

The principle of strategy From the very beginning, it is necessary to choose the tournament where they flirt with TM 2.5, and it is also important that the number of games is not more than forty percent.

Next, in the nearest games, look for matches of teams that are equal to each other, as well as those who have a draw (1-1) or 1-0 as a result.

In addition, if the attackers are not particularly high in level, then there will be few goals. This means that most likely the bet on the lower total will pass. Please note that the accounts 0-0 and 2-0 are suitable.Let's look at the example of the central zone of the second division of the India, namely, for three hundred and sixty-two games, TM 2.5 passed two hundred and thirty-eight times.

Only one FC has games with a total of more than 2.5 exceeded games with a total of less than 2.5. But other clubs have played for a total of more than 2.5 five or seven times in twenty-six rounds. Of course, to understand how effective the system is, you need to study the statistics. Let's look at the results of the opening round of the new season. Of the twelve games, six meet the conditions.

Next, two games ended with a score of 2-0, two-1-1 and one 1-0. One game ended with a score of 2-2 and now the total of less than 2.5 did not pass. The kefs were from 1.5 to 1.9 cu.How to bet?Open the line, choose the discipline football, then choose the tournament we are interested in, the outcome and specify the bet amount.Conclusion For certain events and championships, the above strategy is very effective. We advise you to always test strategies on paper and only then risk real money. You can also analyze the archives of the BC lines to compare the kefs with the results of the draws in order to understand the effectiveness of the strategy.

Work through your strategies carefully, paying attention to many factors, such as: motivation, team form, BC quotes, performance, weather conditions, etc. Good luck with 1win!

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