How to play the Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet – a top online slot, similar in gameplay to Aviator. Only instead of a plane to control a brave hero named Joe. To enjoy the exciting gameplay right now, just go to the official website or use alternative link of 1win. The point of the game is to stop the take-off in time. You place a bet and watch the character gain altitude, which increases the winning odds.

If you can react in time to stop the flight, you win. In this case, the odds will be multiplied by the bet, and the amount will be transferred to your account. By the way, you can play Lucky Jet for free to master the controls, develop tactics and test working strategies. After that it will be easy to rip the cache in paid mode!

Lucky Jet

As soon as you start the machine, you will immediately see the main scale screen. Press the «Start» button and Joe will begin to gain altitude. Once you reach certain points, the coefficient will increase, which will affect the final winnings. All you need – be attentive and concentrated. If you're willing to take a chance, you'll be able to make a big score, but the likelihood of losing also increases.

A special feature of Lucky Jet – many effective strategies have already been developed. Each gambler can easily pick up a tactic to his or her liking, based on personal skills and the size of the bankroll. In addition, there are various options that increase the likelihood of winning. You can set up an automatic start, and the system itself will stop ascent when Joe reaches a certain height, or will earn the required amount. You can also make two bets at once.


The essence of the 1win Lucky Jet game

?First step Decide on the size of the bet and don't forget that you can place two bets
❗️Second step Keep a close eye on Joe's take-off and how the winnings multiplier increases
✅Third step Press the «Withdrawal» button when you feel it is time to withdraw your money
?The fourth step If you don't stop the take-off in time, Joe will fly away and the bet will burn out
?Fifth step Look at the stats more often and you will see which bets have played and at what time


Lucky Jet – an exciting crash game developed in 2021. The product is owned by the well-known company Gaming Corps. The team was prompted to create the slot by the popular slot machine Aviator. You can trace similar mechanics and gameplay. It is very easy to master the controls and understand how to multiply your starting capital by several times.

Lucky Jet is very popular today, thanks to its simple and straightforward operation. Even a beginner will find it easy to understand the mechanics and functions. Of the features worth noting are the original theme, the classic interface and additional features. It also stands out from other slots due to its high payout ratio of 95%.

1win Lucky Jet game description

When you run the machine, you will see the main character Joe in the centre of the screen, and under him the betting panel. Before launching you need to decide on the size of the bet and press «Start». If you plan to follow the take-off, then prepare to stop the flight at the right time, – button «Withdraw». Experienced gamblers prefer to use the mode «Auto» to increase the probability of winning.

All you need to do – set an acceptable odds value or winnings amount. When this happens, the system will automatically stop the flight and withdraw the winnings. This is very convenient and saves time. In addition, you can concentrate on the gameplay and there is a chance to work out different strategies. It's also worth remembering that you can make two bets to win big money in just a few seconds.

Rules of the game at Lucky Jet

The game has very simple rules, even an inexperienced gambler can master them. You place your bet and simply watch Joe gain altitude. It's important to stop him taking off before he flies off the screen. If this happens, your bet is burned. The rules of Lucky Jet all boil down to this:

  1. Click on the «Bet» button and decide on the amount you want to risk. If successful, it will be multiplied by the odds.
  2. When you hit «start» Joe will start to gain altitude, which will help increase the odds. It all starts at x1 odds.
  3. If you think the character has reached an acceptable height, it's time to click «withdraw». The system will automatically multiply the bet by the achieved odds and transfer the money.
  4. Winning at Lucky Jet is as easy as losing. Joe can fly off the screen at any time. To increase your chances of winning, use strategies.

The slot is subject to a random number generator and there is no way to influence it. It all depends on your attention and the tactics you use. The trick is that in just a few seconds you can knock out a maximum multiplier of x1000, which will bring big money. By the way, on average one round lasts no more than 40 seconds.

Lucky Jet

Where is the best place to play Lucky Jet?

Today, Lucky Jet online slot is present in many licensed casinos. Operators have added the game and thus attracted a huge number of new customers. If you want to get a real chance to win and transparent conditions, it is better to play on the official website of 1win casino.

The platform boasts a good reputation and legal operations. The administration complies with the rules set by the regulator, but more importantly – the winnings are paid out on time. Playing Lucky Jet at 1win is safe, and you can also earn generous welcome sign-up bonuses and promo codes.

Game strategies

Inexperienced gamblers make the same mistake – playing Lucky Jet without an effective strategy. Luck alone is not enough to pull off a big score. It is better to use proven tactics and stick to the tips of professionals. The following winning methods are the most popular today.

Single bets

The strategy is divided into two subspecies, and the first is ideal for beginners. You can relax and forget about the risk of losing your entire bankroll. There will be time to learn the mechanics and possibilities, but more importantly – you will gain invaluable experience. The second tactic is based on automatic triggers, which will help you avoid frequent losses.

The «Auto» mode involves using one of two tried-and-true methods that are recommended by professional gamblers:

  1. Automatic payout: Determine an acceptable multiplier and the game will stop when the hero reaches the correct level.
  2. Automatic betting: set the appropriate amount of winnings and the round will end when Joe earns it. The money will then automatically be credited to your account.

Lucky Jet's «Auto» mode is ideal for beginners with little experience. You'll be able to focus on the gameplay and develop your own strategy. At first, still want to rip the big prize, which leads to unreasonable risk and frequent losses.

3 to 1

The tactic is aimed at users with a small bankroll. The idea is to constantly increase the bet and lower the odds, but only if you win. The method is intended only for «auto-play» and guarantees frequent wins. For example, you bet 100 rubles, and set the odds at x2. When you win, increase the bet to 200 roubles and lower the odds to x1.8.

Downward ladder

The method has been tested by more than a hundred gamblers and has proven to be effective. Statistically, you will win 7 out of 10 rounds. You don't have to make any complicated calculations or follow any obscure rules. It all comes down to making a bet at the right time. To do this, you'll need to look at the statistics regularly and record the times of successful bets.

Factor х100+

This strategy is a relatively recent development, but it has already proven to be effective. To use it successfully, open your stats and find out the last time a x100 multiplier was hit. You just have to wait until exactly one hour has passed and you can start betting. It is advisable to play the first round at x30-x40. The second round will bring you the coveted multiplier of x100.

Two bets

Suitable for all slot machine fans, no matter what your experience or skill level. This Lucky Jet strategy involves two bets at once. The first one is recommended to be set for automatic payout. At the same time, it is better to set the coefficient at a small level, up to x2.

Prepare to follow the second bet on your own. It's important to consider your account balance, as you won't win all the time. When you've launched Joe, wait until the odds reach x3 before withdrawing your money.

This is a working strategy in Lucky Jet. The peculiarity is that the first bet is able to cover all losses. In fact, you'll make money on the second, and even if the outcome is unsuccessful, you'll still save money if you play for the long haul.

A simple scheme for beginners

Beginners are not advised to bet big and take risks without an effective strategy. Even reviews of Lucky Jet suggest that it is impossible to win all the time. Therefore, it is very important to improve skills, test new methods and learn how to analyse rounds with the help of statistics.

Despite all the nuances, professional gamblers have still developed a simple strategy for beginners. It boils down to small bets and frequent payouts. You can even make a big bet, but it's better to finish the round when the odds reach x1.2. Statistically, this division on the scale is crossed 97% of the time.

Lucky Jet

Download the app for Android and iOS

You can enjoy exciting gameplay and win big money not only from a PC, but also from mobile devices. The developers have written the slot in HTML5 and well optimized the game for the touchscreen. It offers high-quality 3D graphics, a clear interface and enjoyable gameplay.

Today you can download Lucky Jet on Android and iOS from 1win Casino. All you have to do is download the installation file and soon a shortcut to the game will appear on your smartphone screen. It's easy to place bets, withdraw winnings and test strategies. By the way, the app will contribute to a timely response to signals and forecasts, which are published in thematic groups in Telegram.

How to top up a game account

To place your first bet, you must first register on the official 1win website. You will need to go to the section «Cashier» and select a payment instrument. You will be able to make a deposit using bank cards and popular e-wallets: Visa, Tether, FKWallet, Bitcoin, Neteller and Skrill. Money is credited to the gaming account instantly. If you have any difficulties or questions, hurry up to contact our 24/7 support team.

Withdrawal of funds

When your first winnings appear in your account, you will probably want to cash them out. The procedure is similar to the steps you need to follow to fund your account. Go to «Cashout» and make a withdrawal request. You will need to specify the withdrawal amount and select the payment instrument – Qiwi, Payeer, Visa, Bitcoin. Minimum cashout depends on the service and starts from 100 rubles. Money will come to the specified details within 10-15 minutes, but more important – at casino 1win there is no mandatory verification.

Frequently asked questions

From time to time, newcomers have all sorts of questions about Lucky Jet. If you can't find the answers in the «FAQ» be sure to contact the 24-hour support team.

How does Lucky Jet work?

Lucky Jet is a crash game with a payout ratio of 95%. The gameplay comes down to selecting a bet and watching the hero gain altitude. Your task – to stop the flight in time, otherwise the bet will be burned. The higher Joe climbs, the higher the odds multiplied by the bet.

How do I activate my 1win Lucky jet voucher?

This is very easy if you already have a valid promo code. 1win is now giving all new customers a 500% bonus on their first deposit. All you have to do is enter the voucher during registration and the system will automatically multiply your starting capital once you have made your first deposit.

Is it possible to win at Lucky Jet?

Of course, and a lot of it. All thanks to a maximum betting multiplier – x1000. If you're willing to take a chance, you can snatch a big score today. All you have to do is stop Joe taking off at a certain height when the multiplier reaches the right value. To increase your odds of winning, use the effective strategies, signals and predictions published on the Telegram channel.

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