Norwegian skiers "step on" skis

In the Swedish Eagle, our Alexander Bolshunov was not lucky, he could not reach the final. And this is due to the fact that the Norwegian skier  Simen Kruger ran into his skis, which provoked a hard fall. After the race, Kruger apologized for this act, but whether he was  sincere is unclear .

Bolshunov was stepped on lizhi 1win
Bolshunov also expressed his opinion.
--Po my opinion it is not fair, because how can it be  , that he deliberately went under my skis. I think he fell on purpose so that Golberg would overtake me and win the final. If Norway wants to win in this way, then it is very low. And yes, where the judges are looking, they should have expelled Kruger.
But Kruger himself has a different point of view
- I consider this an accident. We walked at the same pace, but I decided to overtake him, and thought that I will succeed. As soon as I started overtaking  , I realized  that I was falling. It is sad. I think Bolshunov is very angry with me, because I broke the 1win race for him.
Will Bolshunov take revenge
- I think it's very easy to unsettle. It is enough to break a stick or  something else . And there is no need to say that when such an absurd case comes out, that it is on purpose. Kruger is a strong athlete. He fought for a prize place, and thought that he could overtake me, but I did not allow him. Moreover, it was he who broke the rules when turning. But I was very happy when they gave him a yellow card, because you have to answer for your actions. And if he gets another card, then he will have big problems.
Critics say otherwise -
Bolshunov is now very angry and dangerous. Also, many believe that this will only add intensity to passions. After all, our athlete will avenge the fall. And yes, he will not fall on skis, he will win them in a fair fight. At the same time,  Kleboin 2 weeks he broke his finger, and he also competed with an injured hand. We can assume that  Klebo really helped, because he has not a single loss this season, and no one wants to spoil such beautiful statistics.
How will this fall affect the future of our athlete 1win?
Now he is showing good shape. But  due to the fall, 2 cases can happen. Either he will  " rant and rave" and squeeze out all  , to win. Or just lose heart. But we must remember that our athletes are strong in spirit.
In general, the final in Oryol went well. The men shot well. And our girls are not so good, only Johaug 1win was able to prove herself  .

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