The meeting of CSKA and DYNAMO

Today, on December 25, the capital's CSKA and Dynamo will meet in the framework of the KHL regular championship. What kind of passion does this derby promise us? Let's analyze the situation together with experts 1 WIN.

CSKA vs Dynamo

Both teams are currently the favorites of the tournament. The army team just yesterday won a 3-2 victory over Metallurg at home, having overtaken Ak Bars on points. CSKA has its equally significant results. During the past five seasons, the club has become the leader of the meetings 4 times, losing once to St. Petersburg.

Dynamo is storming by results, in the 2016/17 season the club was in 4th place, in 2017/18 they did not make the playoffs at all. But they managed to finish the last season in the TOP 10, in 5th place.

Series of 6 wins

The Moscow army team, being the leaders of the championship, surprise with their unsuccessful matches at home. Today they have the 18th place in the table of 24 participants. It is interesting that in the main time CSKA won almost half of the matches played on its own field, and from October 24 to December 2 it distinguished itself with a series of five defeats on its own field.

They still managed to catch up with Ak Bars thanks to a winning streak, starting from December 4 This was started by a derby against Dynamo. Since then, CSKA have won one after another - 6 matches in a row in regulation time. 

Best KHL Defense

CSKA are distinguished by the fact that in general they allow very little into their own gates. Strong defense is the club's hallmark. Last season, the team surprised with their result - only 75 goals conceded in 62 matches. Almost one per game.


Super score 11: 2 in last two games

Dynamo, unlike the army team, rely on an attacking strategy and they obviously succeed. 115 scored goals put them in the lead. After being defeated by CSKA, Dynamo is giving up the championship to anyone, winning after victory. Away, the club is certainly not very impressive with its game; on the road, in terms of the number of points scored, they occupy only 14th place. 

12 no-win derbies 

Since 2017, when Dynamo beat CSKA with a score of 1:0, the confrontation between these clubs has not stopped. During 12 matches, the blue and white cannot take revenge in any way, it is true in regulation time, in the extra time there was still one victory.

In the 2017/18 championship, the army team won three times. However, for this in the last meeting it took a series of shootouts. But in the last championship, CSKA won a landslide victory 3:1 away and 5:1 at home. This spring, the two rivals met in the Gagarin Cup - ¼ final.

CSKA won the home match (4:1), but already in the 2nd gave the ball to the opponent (0: 1), conceding the puck at the very beginning of overtime. This victory was their last. CSKA had 2 more away wins (4: 0 and 2: 1) and one at home (3: 2).

Note that 4 matches in a row CSKA have won victories over Dynamo, but with a clear margin: both meetings this season ended with their victories with similar results 2:1.

Of course, CSKA is the undisputed leader: bookmakers set odds of 1.6 for his victory , 4.55 for a draw, and 5.86 for Dynamo's victory.

Your right to make a choice! You can bet on each of the teams with a handicap: on the army team - from (-1.6) to 2.1, on the dynamo - from (1.6) to 1.75. 

We wish you successful bets and high odds! Be with 1 WIN.

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