How to play the Aviator game at 1win

The Aviator game is a social multiplayer product that players like to call Planescape. This game helps to have a fun and interesting time, recharge your spirits and relax after a hard day's work. The point of 1win aviator is that the user is watching the curve increase. At the same time he has to press the «stop» button in time, as the board can fall at any moment. This is the same entertainment that charges the adrenaline. Moreover, you can bet on the aeroplane for free due to the bonuses.

Game Aviator

When playing 1win aviator on the official website, the user can increase the chance of winning by several times. The main thing is to follow the rules and take into account the recommendations. We will talk more about 1win aviator in this article.


The essence of the game 1win aviator

Aviator is a game that invites you to bet on an aeroplane while watching it. It is a new product that is one of a kind. This is the positioning of the game's creator. Aviator is designed for the user to get the most out of the process and to earn good money, given that the chance of winning is quite high.

A special feature of the licensed 1win aviator is that there are no complicated rules. The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward. The developers have done everything to attract as much attention to the game as possible. And their strategy has worked successfully, as the project has become quite popular and even gathered a large number of fans. The advantage of Aviator is that the player spends a minimum amount of time for which he can rip the bounty. The whole process is charged with good spirits and adrenaline and fuels the user's interest.

The point of the game is that the player has to keep an eye on the charts and the plane taking off. The most important thing is to stop the flight in time: the plane must not fall down. The higher the plane rises, the higher the odds increase. However, it should be understood that a plane can drop at any moment. There is no definite strategy here. It all depends on the player's luck and good fortune.

1win aviator game on the official website

Although the outcome of a game depends on luck, it can be influenced by the user. For example, those who wager large sums of money are more likely to win. It is also possible to place small bets, receive bonuses and accumulate them. When a large sum of money is accumulated, it can be withdrawn.


1win aviator is a product that was developed by Spribe Gaming. The provider has cooperated with many casinos and betting shops for a long time. This guarantees high quality gaming and fair payouts. If you want to immerse yourself in the gambling world, but are afraid of running into scammers, then consider 1win aviator. It's a simple and accessible game that many people have long enjoyed. You can see this by reading user reviews on the internet.

Aviator 1win

Game description 1win aviator

The internet offers a wide variety of gambling games to suit all tastes. However, only experienced players who have studied the services by trial and error and decided on a strategy achieve the desired result. Fortunately, Aviator does not need to make mathematical calculations. It offers earnings to all comers and is ideal for beginners.

The time spent here will not hit the budget, as small amounts of money can be wagered. The user has the right to take advantage of any additional tools. For example, a strategy or a special bot. All this will help to win a good amount of money even with a small bet. Anyone who is planning to try their hand at gambling can do so. 1win aviator is suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

Aviator rules of the game

Betting in Aviator is a little different from classic sports betting. Immediately after the game starts, a screen with an aeroplane will open. He will start to rapidly climb upwards. The player's task in time to press the button & ‖Stop‖, not allowing the fall of the board. It can go down at any time. And no one can say exactly when it will happen.

play aviator at 1win

The game only works in one mode. This is a significant advantage, as you don't have to deal with many of the options. There simply aren't any. There is only one game mode, which is quick and easy to get to grips with.

The 1win aviator game on the official website is based on a random number generator. That's why you don't have to worry about cheating. It is absolutely impossible to do here. In addition, the development has been licensed by the relevant authorities, which confirms the fair operation of the site. No one can exert any influence on the result of the game. everything depends only on the luck and good fortune of the user.

However, in order to increase your chances of winning, the following rules must be observed:

  • The multiplier starts at a factor of x1 and increases as long as the plane takes off;
  • In order to place a bet, you need to click on the «bet» button;
  • To withdraw your winnings, click on the «Cashout» button. The winnings are the sum of the bet multiplied by the odds;
  • The bet is lost if the user does not have time to press the «Cashout» button. In this case, the plane simply flies off the screen;
  • The Aviator game is based on an algorithm of provable honesty. The result is clear and transparent.

The player's main task is to stop the plane in time. The higher the plane takes off, the higher the odds will be, but the plane can fall at any time. So, a user can bet as little as $5 and win $50. Or he might even get $500.

Earnings are available to all adult players who have registered on the official website and studied the rules. 1win aviator is a real boon not only for beginners, but also for experienced users.

Where is the best place to play Aviator?

The Aviator game is available on the websites of many betting shops. However, it is most popular at 1win. It is the leading site, which has gathered the maximum number of users. It is the one that offers reasonable terms and fast payouts. In addition, the administration offers users to take part in a bonus programme.

1win registration

You can be completely relaxed as the aircraft is on a safe and secure platform. Other entertainment options are also available here. In short, 1win is a great find for having a good time and making money.

Game strategies

Small coefficient

The essence of this Aviator strategy is to set up auto-cashouts on low multipliers. Statistics show that such odds are played more often than 1.50, but the tactic is not without its drawbacks:

  • The first disadvantage is that you will only receive 10% of the amount wagered, which means that if you lose your bet it will take a long time to win it back.
  • The second disadvantage is that the game can very often crash to a score of 1.09, in the case of a series of such outcomes it cannot be ruled out that the bank will be drained.

To answer the question of whether it is possible to calculate and make money on the Aviator game using this strategy theoretically yes, but practically the possibility of winning comes with a lot of risk of losing.

Moderate risk

This Aviator strategy is all about catching odds of 2-3, with a 40-42% chance of such quotes falling out. Sometimes it's worth catching a bigger multiplier, too, if you haven't had a good X for a while. Not to say that this is the best winning tactic in the Aviator cash game, but in 2021 the strategy has a right to life.

If you remember that Aviator and similar games are gambling entertainment, it's obvious that you can make money here by cashing out your winnings in a timely manner.

Increased risk

This tactic of playing Aviator will not allow you to win consistently, the scheme is based on getting a one-time, but large payout. According to Aviator statistics, odds 100+ fall out on average once every hour and a half. So we look, when was the last result with a multiplication of x100 or more, skip an hour and start actively betting. Aviator is a very risky strategy.

Download the app for Android and iOS

In order to download the Aviator app for Android, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • Allow applications from unknown sources to be installed;
  • Download the APK file to your phone and start the installation;
  • Launch the official app and play.

For iOS, the instructions are as follows:

  • Open the app shop;
  • Click «Share» in the menu at the bottom of the screen;
  • Press «Home Screen» and press «Done».

How to top up your Aviator game account

Before you can play, you need to fund your account. 1win offers different deposit methods:

  • Electronic wallets;
  • Bank cards;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Self-service terminal.

Register on the official website to make a deposit. After that, you will get a welcome bonus. Then go to your personal cabinet and open the section «cash». Choose a convenient way to deposit, enter the amount and follow the prompts. You can also take advantage of the welcome bonus, which includes a deposit to your game account.

Withdrawal of funds

The 1win website withdraws money quickly and without any problems. The minimum withdrawal is $3. You can withdraw your winnings by the same methods as depositing: e-wallet, bank card or cryptocurrency. To withdraw you should open the game account and click on the button «Withdraw». Then choose a convenient way and enter your personal details. After that application will be sent. The money will be received within 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the Aviator last?

The duration of the round varies from eight to 30 seconds. The exact time depends on the current odds. While the plane is taking off, the tour continues. The user has to make sure that the plane does not fall down or fly off the screen.

What is the minimum rate?

The minimum bet at 1win aviator is $3. This is a small amount that will allow a beginner to practice and try their hand at this game.

What is the maximum rate?

The maximum bet at 1win aviator is one thousand dollars. Two such bets can be placed at the same time.

What is the maximum and minimum coefficient?

Maximum odds at 1win aviator x200. Minimum multiplier x1.

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