Tips for beginners

Sports betting is interesting and profitable. The main thing is to make the right choice of a bookmaker!


  • Do not place your bets at little-known unofficial offices. In such bookmakers - "one-day" there is a big risk of losing all your money.
  • Do not be fooled by inflated ratios and guarantees-promises.
  • Learn the betting rules and terminology. This is the key to your success.
  • Follow sports news. Whoever is informed is armed. Timely information received can change the predictions and become a guarantor of your winnings. Weed out fake news that provoke you to make a wrong prediction.
  • Determine your bank limit. Place bets on amounts within your reach. Don't play all-in.
  • Listen to expert opinion, but don't blindly trust it.
  • bet on what interests you. In this case, in addition to winning, you will also get pleasure from the game.

Sports betting is an art!
With 1 WIN you can do it!


Sports betting.

Each of us is an athlete at heart and everyone is passionate. Someone is just an amateur and passively follows sports events, someone combines business with pleasure, watching matches, making bets and making money on it.
In fact, it is not that difficult and very exciting. Any 1 WIN client can become a lucky and successful player by rooting for his favorite team. Earn additional income using your knowledge in any sport.
How to make your first bet at bookmaker 1win 

Where to begin?

    This is your first step. We have described in detail all the existing and convenient methods in the article.
    Open your gaming account. To do this, you need to deposit at least 10 rubles on your balance. (this is the minimum bet). You can top up your balance using any payment systems convenient for you MasterCard, Visa, Qiwi and others.
  3. GET A  BONUS  .
    If you are a beginner, do not forget to receive your personal double bonus as a promotion from bookmaker 1WIN. We have described in detail how to get a bonus in the Bonuses article  .
    This is not difficult. Determine the sport you are interested in, select the upcoming match and place a bet on one of the options for the outcome of the event. This will be your first bet.
  5. Your first bet can be a simple single bet (on one sporting event, a victory of one of the teams or a draw) You can try to make a multiple bet (on several sporting events) or an additional bet (first goal, exact score, removal of a player, etc.)
    Types of bets are covered in more detail in the article on rates. You can get acquainted with it at the aricle about bets.
    Try your luck! Don't forget that sports analytics plays into your hands. Stay up to date with all sports news, study competition statistics, monitor information from the world of sports.
    Whoever is informed is armed. Good luck to you!


The most important criterion for the client is convenience, and it is 100% met by the company. The company's website is available on any software, as well as a mobile application for Android and iOS. We make our service easily accessible to everyone.
REPLENISHMENT - using more than 10 payment systems (bank cards - MasterCard, Visa, terminals, electronic money, mobile operators) Amount of replenishment of the game account: min - 50 rubles, max -100,000 rubles.

CONCLUSION - all of the above methods, except for withdrawal through mobile operators. Additional services for withdrawing AdvCash, WebMoney, Payeer 
The size of the withdrawal of the winnings : min - 100 rubles, max -75,000 rubles.
All transactions of funds are carried out without commission. Clients can use both plastic and virtual cards.
Do not forget to carefully check your data during verification. If you are a beginner, check out our articles:

Simple and convenient functionality will allow you to make your choice almost instantly.


Managing finances competently is an art, but anyone can comprehend it, having received basic knowledge and acquiring simple practical skills We have already written the top tips for a beginner to read here

rate management 

Let's analyze some points in more detail


  • Do not bet large amounts at once! Recommendations from professionals - bet no more than 3-5% of your deposit amount on events in which you are more confident. Of course, with a small deposit, your profit will not be as significant as you would like, but first, “get your hand in”. Get a feel for the betting strategy, summarize your experience and advice from betters.
  • If you are not sure of a successful pass, reduce the ratio to 2.5%. With a higher percentage, you increase the risk of losing the pot at a distance. By adhering to these recommendations, you increase the likelihood of winning. Of course, the size of the profit depends on the size of your bank, but the right strategy will protect you from a complete loss.
  • Follow your chosen strategy, do not get fooled by emotions. Cold-bloodedness is your trump card!


Let's talk about common mistakes that a large number of players make when betting on sporting events:

  • All-in bet. Very rarely justified. To do this, you must have almost 100% confidence in the outcome of the event.
  • Inability to stop on time. If you are well versed in a certain sport, bet on an event and won a bet, withdraw your money. Do not give in to further excitement and desire to place a couple more bets. This is one of the most common mistakes.
  • Playing with small odds. You will almost always remain with your original money. The basic rule is to use averages k.
  • Risk of large sums at low ratios.
  • Lack of a betting strategy. Bet on what you know. Don't bet on emotions.


The higher the coefficient, the greater the amount of the winnings received - an indisputable fact. With proper management of your bank and the use of high ratios, you will get the desired result.
To do this, choose bookmaker 1WIN , which provides the maximum odds, track their changes and follow the quotes.


The commission for the deposit / withdrawal of funds is taken by bookmakers licensed by the Russian Federation, they also withhold a tax of 13% on the winnings.
Betters reduce their losses by choosing proven bookmakers that perform their operations without the aforementioned commissions. These are significant savings for your bank.
1 WIN does not charge a commission for financial transactions. The company has been on the betting market for a long time and our reputation guarantees your financial confidence.
We wish you to achieve the planned positive result.

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