Are virtual football bets profitable?

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Virtual games are gaining popularity all over the world today and football is no exception. This is a simulation game based on real parameters. Many people think that this is not very different from slot machines, since the result is still determined by artificial intelligence, but there are still some differences.


What is the difference between real football and virtual football? 

  • A large number of matches taking place every 5 minutes;

  • Fast execution of transactions;

  • Absence of influence of external factors (weather, field coverage, injuries, disqualifications and agreements);

It is more difficult to predict the outcome in a virtual game, but it is possible to identify a number of patterns that will help the bettor.

How do I place a winning bet? 

Artificial intelligence has a certain algorithm, on the basis of which it calculates the outcome of the meeting. Each team is initially assigned certain characteristics and style of play. And so it would be logical to assume that some teams are initially favorites, others outsiders. Thus, the forecast for the win / goals scored is based on the set of parameters set by the machine.

Statistics in virtual games do not play a decisive role in the outcome of today's events.

The bettor has a chance to beat the bookmaker if he carefully examines the last few games, revealing a pattern in them. 

Betting options

Traditional: the outcome of the match W1 / X / W2; double chance; handicaps and totals ;; accurate account.

We would not recommend betting on the correct score and who will score first. The rest of the bets are eligible for consideration.

 Best strategies 

  • # 1 - flat, fixed rate. We recommend betting a specific% of the game bank or a certain amount. 

  • No. 2 - catch-up, an option to increase the bet amount. Used in case of a series of losses in order to cover them. This is a risky option. 

  • No. 3 - Martingale, similar to the second option, but with a doubling of the rate. 

Game strategies 

  • Drowning for Madrid! The point is to make a bet on one team when they play away to win. 

  • First goal. The bet is placed on the middle peasant team, on the fact that it will score first. If you lose, the bet increases, if you win, start the process over. 

  • TB. Standard bet on total.

When is the best time to place a bet? 

Since statistics do not play any role in virtual football, it is better to place bets in the middle of the season. Bettor has to track a dozen games, calculate favorites and underdogs and make a prediction based on this. 


Identify patterns. A person can always try to identify the algorithm of the machine, because it is there.

Remember the disadvantages of such bets: 

  • Limited forecast information; 

  • Analogy with slot machines, gambling addiction; 

  • The likelihood of fraud on the part of bookmakers 

Our advice is to think carefully before betting on virtual football, it's still just a game simulator. Sure. you can try to beat the computer. Perhaps you can do it. In any case, we wish you success with 1 WIN.

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