Secrets of betting on basketball

There are no secrets, there are patterns plus a competent and thorough analysis.

Experience and daily work will lead you to good luck.

Anti-skew betting 

What is a skew and how to determine it? It is not hard. Pay attention to the performance of the match. For example, in the NBA, she just scales. This indicates that bookmakers, when setting quotes for total matches, underestimate them on TB, overestimating TM. This makes sense for the bookmaker, there is a reason: they understand that many will bet on TB, and since this option is often passable, it is not profitable for the bettor to win. Therefore, they reduce the odds for the probable total, and set the total above the average. Sometimes the bookmaker goes too far, and this skew in the line is clearly visible, which should be used by the bettor.

Basketball total betting 

Situations will be ideal when a team has systematically exceeded its previous performance over the last period. And if, according to forecasts, she will have a meeting with a strong team, then here it would be a good option to make a bet on ITM. 

Secrets of live betting

Since basketball is very dynamic in the game, it is most suitable for betting in live mode. The situation in the game can change within seconds and this gives a big advantage to the bettor when betting online. The most important thing is that the bettor must have time to react faster than the bookmaker's analysts. In this case, he will catch the high odds and the winning bet. 

There are plenty of profitable situations in basketball. For example, if one of the teams lost in the 1st quarter or ½ of the meeting, you can safely bet on its positive handicap in the 2nd quarter / 2nd half of the match.

The psychological moment is at work here. The team that has gained the advantage relaxes and vice versa, the underrogue, includes all its motivation and directs all efforts to take revenge.

Averages theory 

This theory is most suitable for this particular sport because of its great performance. Total bets also show themselves perfectly in bets on players. How to apply it in the last version? See how many points the highest scoring player on the team scores. You can see this in the statistics. If you see that he scored above his average in recent matches, then boldly bet on TM, expecting a decline in his performance.

Consider another point. In the absence of injuries, the player's motivation is always off scale. If the bookmaker in such a match underestimates the coefficient on the TM, make a bet on the TB of this athlete. Your goal is to look for situations by playing counter-move with the bookmaker.


Bookies are people too and they are not always smarter than you. Look for their weak points and take advantage of them. Good luck with 1 WIN.  

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