Which matches are better not to bet on?

In betting, you can not bet on all games in a row, even if you make them on a certain sport or a specific tournament. There are games that are very convenient for betting, but there are also many matches where it is more difficult to determine the result and the chance of passing the bet decreases. It is the new players who make mistakes and make their bets on everything, which causes them to lose the bankroll. Today we will consider which matches in which disciplines are better to avoid.

Football matches

We should immediately note that for a good bet, the player determines the following:

  • analyzes the tactics of both one and the other team;
  • determines the level of players of both teams;
  • sets the motivation of both sides.

Only after analyzing these three factors, the player chooses the team that has the advantage more. A lack of information on even one indicator can significantly worsen the analysis and lead to an incorrect outcome. However, there is still a situation when it is difficult for the bettor to predict the outcome of the match.

Games after the offseason

After the end of one season of the game, the preparation for another begins with an active move. Both the composition of the teams and the coaching staff are changing. This often leads to the fact that nothing remains of the previous team except the name. The most important thing is that the level of the game and the game style are changing.

You need to follow the following:

  • what the coach focuses on, whether it is defense or attack;
  • which players were in demand during the transfer window, offense or defense;
  • pay attention to friendly matches and what strategy the team practiced.

However, only this information still does not allow us to determine the state in which the command came out. It is necessary to observe the first few rounds, preferably from three to five, in order to identify both strengths and weaknesses for each, that is, to refrain from betting.The same feature should be followed during the winter vacation. In our country and in Ukraine, the vacation lasts for months, in Germany it can last four weeks, but even during this period of time, teams have time to shuffle their lineups and radically change the playing form.

The favorite has a crisis in the game

Any team can have a crisis, even the top one. Pro players note that if the leader has a decline, then they bet against in the next games. If there is a positive change in such a game, then they stop their bets against and expect a full recovery of playing forces.

A strong FC, after getting into a game crisis, can get out of it after four or six games, sometimes a little more, but we do not recommend betting further against it, since the team's exit from the pit can happen at any time. A weak FC comes out of such a pit within ten or even twelve matches. We advise you to wait until a strong FC comes out of its crisis and make a bet.

Betting after small breaks on the average

Short breaks in football games are associated with national team games and there may be three or four of them in a season. It also happens that during such a break, the coach of the average person works out mistakes. In addition, the average players are almost not included in the national teams of their countries, and this allows the coaches to fully correct all the mistakes.

During a break of two weeks, the team is able to recover and restart its forces, but not always.The opposite picture also happens. FC can show excellent results for several months, but after a game break, they can pass on all fronts and lead them into a crisis pit. This is due to the fact that the pause occurred untimely, at the moment of the height of the game and the pressure, losing its mood.

There is no motivation for the teams

This happens when:

  • there are extreme games of national championships in cases where the team does not have a risk of going to the lower league and chances to get into the European Cup;
  • there are extreme rounds of the group stage;
  • not the main teams of the top teams participate in the cup match, in order to save energy and energy for more important matches.

It is in these cases that most often not the main teams play and it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of the meeting.

Tennis games

In this discipline, it is necessary to wait for the beginning to understand what form the athlete is in. Please note that it is better not to make a bet when there are long-term and short-term injuries. It does not make sense at all for what period of time the player was eliminated, because in any case it will affect his playing form. Always watch at least one match after an injury without making bets.By the way, many players make a mistake when they bet against an athlete who had a short-term injury. It is better not to take risks, but just wait out the moment. Please note that this rule also applies to biathlon.

Hockey matches

Everything is compared to hockey, as well as to football. But it should be supplemented with the following. In hockey, there are breaks of one or two weeks, when friendly matches between national teams are held. We note that many countries call up players from two or three teams and load them up powerfully. Such players first play games for their team, then matches of the national team, and then again matches for their HC. Judge for yourself how strong both the physical and emotional load on the composition is for such a short period of time.Many players believe that since HC has many players called up to the national team, it means that he will definitely lose and you need to bet against. However, we do not recommend doing this, it is better to wait out at least one match and observe the state of the hockey players and the team as a whole.

Basketball Games

We do not recommend placing bets in these cases:

  • both teams play at the same level and strongly, that is, it is almost impossible to predict the result of the game;
  • the first game of the playoffs.

The first match of the playoffs only helps to realize what level the teams are at and only put them in the future.


In addition to all of the above, we are obliged to note that it is not necessary to put it when the BC sets too accurate kefs that thoroughly show the alignment. Bet only when there is a chance to play against the BC error.Even if you spent time on the analysis, but were convinced that the BC set too accurate kef, do not commit stupidity purely because of the principle. Save your bank. Good luck with 1win!

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