Dynamo is almost a car. Volleyball players from Bulgaria were not even helped by a fellow boxer who was rooting for them in the stands.

Dynamo - Volleyball players

The start at the Moscow  Dynamo” was not set. They somehow managed to lose a couple of matches in a row in the Super League, after which everything went uphill for the white-blue. They won the third match in a row, and with a fairly good lead. This is what understanding and understanding means.

The Bulgarian team hosted the match at the velodrome The
Bulgarian side hosted our volleyball players on the  velodrome , which is in no way intended for playing volleyball. It looks like they hastily set up this site by simply adding crumb rubber. As the Bulgarian side explains, there was no corresponding volleyball court in the city. It immediately arises: Is there volleyball in Bulgaria at all?

This factor could have played a role if against  Dynamo ”would have played the team stronger.
On the whole, ours started to play quite well. Half a round later, our girls were already leading with a score of 6: 2. It seems that there were no supernatural moments, they just played attentively and with concentration. But all the same, everyone noted how well they received passes and put blocks. Previously, for the white and blue, this was not noticed.

Bulgarians made it known who they are

Bulgarian volleyball players also showed themselves well. They had just amazing feeds that strained our athletes and it was evident.
Oddly enough, the Bulgarian volleyball players in the 2nd match got together and were even able to rebuff their rivals, who were already confident in their victory and relaxed a little.
Unfortunately, we lost in this match. The rivals fought for each ball, as if it were the last piece of food. Well done Bulgarians! They did not let 4,000 spectators down, who looked at them and cheered for their team.

Our team has dramatically increased the number of mistakes, the most stupid. The girls could not put a block, knock out the match , the ball hit the net, etc.
Dynamo head coach Alexander  Sukomeltrying to save the game by substitutions, decided to put Victoria Chaplina and Yekaterina Efimova on the bench, but this did not help. All the same, this match was lost. Alas!

We will be able to win, but we will not allow you.
Subsequent replacements seem to have simply given ours a new boost of energy. The team smashed Bulgaria to smithereens, leaving them no chance to win.
Towards the end of the match, it was already clear that ours could not be stopped. Thanks for the great game, girls. We congratulate you on your victory. Good luck with one win!

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