Conor at Ivan Urgant

Conor spent 2 whole days in Russia. During this time, he managed to visit Urgant at the show, to teach him the "signature walk", from which Urgant almost fell on his back. Then he managed to hold a couple of press conferences, during which he discussed a couple of important points. After talking with the Dagestanis, I almost got a bottle on the head (it would be interesting to see this). And finally, he invited Khabib to come to the show too to compete who would look like a big clown.

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1win: Conor will never quit fighting without rules

Conor stated: “It's no secret that all Irish people love to fight. This tradition comes from the older generation: from father, grandfather, brother. My father always told me that I must be strong, be able to resist anyone who attacks me. It was thanks to him that I was able to make such a career in MMA. At first I just liked the fighting, and then it became a part of my life. You want more and you can't stop. This is where strength lies. There was a time when I had to retire from sports. It was all about politics, my bad relationship with the bosses. Better to take one step back and then two steps forward. "

The statements are pompous and loud.

Conor wants to bring his son to Russia.

Conor said that he wants to come to Russia and hold battles here, which will be for ordinary Russians. He also said that at the moment he was looking for training grounds for himself, because he needed them every day, so as not to lose shape. “I dream of bringing my son to Moscow so that he can enjoy this beautiful city, but this may not happen, since he does not really like Russia.”

Yes, we will not be very upset).

There are people who believe that martial arts is something dangerous, life-threatening. Nothing can threaten your life except yourself. On the contrary, sport teaches discipline, perseverance and endurance. After losing the battle, you get up and move on, and do not whine that someone is stronger than you. Personally, I decided for myself that my children will also go in for sports, but not in martial arts. I would not want them my fate and my problems. If you are successful in sports, you will be successful in life. It was sport that taught me not to give up and go forward.

Conor quotes Bulgakov and respects the Russians.

Conor at one of his conferences quoted Bulgakov “Even manuscripts don’t speak”, saying that he believes in Russian hardening and endurance. He said that the Russian land has a lot of talented people, citing Ovechkin as a great athlete as an example: letters Leader "

Offended because he has no UFC stock

“It’s a shame that the UFC didn’t give me a penny of its shares. After all, whoever, like me, did the most for the UFC. It was I who raised the UFC, thanks to me they receive such a lot of money, which cost one fight with Khabib. Mark Wahlberg himself, who has not fought a single fight, already has a certain number of shares, and I do not have them. This is not fair. And I would like to fight Markm Wahlberg for shares! " - said Conor.


"All these people mean a lot, they are not only good actors, but also great people. I would also like to step into the ring with each of them and see what they are good for for the sake of interest. I respect them very much, as well as the actors of JACKIE CHAN And VAN DAMA. I am friends with two of them, this is Stallone and Statham. Both, by the way, have a powerful punch and strong muscles. Ask me seven years ago, who is cooler? I would say that Jackie Chan. But now I prefer Van Damu.

Conor called Khabib and lost the duel of glances to the guinea pig.

Urgant told Conor on the show the following: “You came to our show, but Khabib did not. I don’t want to get into your conflict, but could you invite Khabib to our studio, maybe he will obey you”.

-Conor: "I can call him now, but I think he will be afraid to come here." A bold statement, especially remembering his defeat. After all the debates, Conor sparred looks - with Ivan Urgant, with a puppy, with a guinea pig, with a tumbler, a kitten and a mirror. By the way, he won all the fights. Surprisingly, he didn't even throw his feet. Good luck with 1win!

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