Buckwheat's Ovechkin record

Our Russian hockey players make us think about American hockey.

As always, our hockey players Ovechkin, Radulov and Svechnikov distinguished themselves by a good game in the last NHL match and made the Americans think.
"Ovechkin - he has no equal at the moment." The captain and leader of the Washington team Alexander Ovechkin, as always, distinguished himself in the game. He gave 2 assists, scored 1 goal himself from the “office”. Already for many years, “Washington” has not met a single hockey player who could compare with our Ovechkin.
Many American fans and coaches are constantly amazed at Aleksadru. The coach himself says about him: “Yes, Ovechkin is the only specimen, he has no equal. Even now, he can surprise with many moments. His colleagues, sitting on a bench, watch his game with open mouths. I don't even know what will happen when he leaves our club. Then I'll probably leave. "
The correspondent of the American newspaper NTS said that Ovechkin could well break Wayne Gretzky's world record for goals scored in the NHL.
There are three reasons for this:

  1. At the moment, Alexander does not have any injuries. Yes, he has minor injuries, but these are sheer trifles. It can get worse
  2. He practically never misses matches. Those. next season in the NHL, we'll hope he plays in all games. And in all matches he will distinguish himself with a hammered puck or an assist.
  3. To date, he continues to hold the bar as the top scorer and scores many goals, plus he will be motivated for the remaining 5 months.

Since Alexander is a proud player, he will not let himself be offended, and he simply cannot help but become the best sniper in the NHL.
The captain of "Washington" has already scored his 10th and 11th goals into the gates of the Canadian team, which brought him to the 2nd place in the rating of the best snipers of the season. In the first place is the Czech sniper David Denson. After this match, the Russian hockey player took 12th place in the list of the best snipers of all time. On his account there are already 669 goals. Robitaille Haken, former Los Angeles player and legend, congratulated Ovechkin on his performance. He also noted that Alexander managed to break his record, which he did not expect. And he claims that Ovechkin is the best player at the moment.
-: “I have not seen anyone have such a great potential to play, this is a truly unique player. It will be hard for everyone to compete with him. ”Now he has 669 goals on his account. His next step is 694, then he will immediately go to 8th place. followed by a step of 719 washers. But for good, he needs to break Gretzky's record, whose score is 894 goals in his entire career. These are really big numbers, but Ovechkin has time to catch up. We believe in him!

News friends and news enemies. What is the difference? The difference is that any information can be both reliable and unreliable, or partially true. Truthful, timely information can prompt you to make the right decision, help you make the right bet, and lead you to great success.
But it can also be exactly the opposite. Fabricated news, shot in the yellow press, simply inaccurate information that misleads you can lead you to change your original decision. The consequence of this can be a major loss. Not every information resource can be blindly trusted.
Make it a rule:

  • Do not make hasty and rash decisions.
  • Always double-check the information received from other sources.
  • Do not succumb to panicky rumors or, conversely, enthusiastic emotions, not supported by reliable facts.
  • Analyze information sources correctly.

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